Griffon Korthals
Grouse Dog

The American Woodcock
The American Woodcock, a bird of young woodlands, is the other game bird that I look for with my pointing dogs.
As it holds admirably good the pointing of the dog , that is why, when the dog starts on his pointing dog carreer,
it is the American Woodcock that I look for first to let the dog do his first pointing on a wild bird game.
We often find grouses and woodcocks together on the same woodlands. In November the American Woodcock
becomes a rare bird in Québec. For the Woodcock, the latest pointing in the season for Celtick was
November 12, 2008 with 2 pointings on 2 different birds. As for Ranger, in his case,
the latest woodcock in season was on November 19, 2007 with 1 pointing.
And with Bobcat Celtick my 3rd Griffon Korthals was on November 8, 2015 with 2 pointings on 2 different birds.
For more info on the American Woodcock, check the following webpages:
State of Connecticut, department of environmental protection
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American Woodcock on Ranger's pointing
44 photos
American Woodock on Celtick's pointing
8 photos
American Woodock on Bobcat Celtick's pointing
41 photos
Ranger pointing American Woodcock
66 photos
Celtick pointing American Woodcock
16 photos
Bobcat Celtick pointing American Woodcock
30 photos

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American Woodcock's courtship display

CH Lair's Orca Celtick FDJ FD

Ranger Catamount des Perséides FDJ