Griffon Korthals
Grouse Dog

The Ruffed Grouse
The ruffed grouse is a bird of woodlands that is extremelly cunning and misleading against the pointing dog.
That is why it is my favorte bird. A pointing of a dog on the ruffed grouse is very rewarding because for me
a pointing on the ruffed grouse equals to 2 pointings on the American Woodcock. Further, its noisy take-off
sounds like an exploding bomb. It gives me high sensations and contributes to the fact that it is my
favorite bird. We often find grouses and woodcocks together on the same woodlands.
For more info on the Ruffed Grouse, check the following webpages:
Ruffed Grouse Society - Hinterland Who's Who - Ruffed grouse drumming video
Photos :
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Reproduction forbidden without written authorization
Ruffed Grouse on Ranger's pointing
11 photos
Ruffed Grouse on Celtick's pointing
5 photos
Ruffed Grouse on Bobcat Celtick's pointing
and found (ruffed grouses that where not pointed)
3 photos
Ranger pointing Ruffed Grouse
12 photos
Celtick pointing Ruffed Grouse
12 photos
Bobcat Celtick pointing Ruffed Grouse
4 photos
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